Science and Technology Parks

Science and Technology parks are to join entities with mutual development and investment objectives. Cooperation with them provides an access to specialized laboratories and human resources as well as technical support necessary to realise investment projects. These parks aimed at economic development in terms of innovativeness, new technologies, job market development, increase of investment level and sustainable development. A technology park is a complex of real estates and technical infrastructure, created in order to transfer knowledge and technologies between scientific entities and entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who use new technologies are offered services such as:

counselling in terms of enterprise creation and development,
technology transfer,
transforming research studies and development into technological innovations,
creating favourable conditions for running a business.

In Poland, there are as much as 75 industrial land technological parks. Such places can differ from each other significantly. Each of them is created in such a way, so that allowing to suit the assumptions on which it operates. Such factor makes this group a very diversified one, since all entitites, which operate within it, can deal with different areas.

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