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The fundamental objective for each capital-owner is to protect accumulated wealth and ensure its further multiplication. At the same time, entrepreneurs seek for capital for developing their business. In both cases, it is necessary to take risks by involving those assets into the available market investment tools.

Investment Service Centre is an innovative, international business structure associating high-level experts. Our main objectives are to finance investment projects and to look for projects of high business potential for the investors. We boast a robust network of partners and an extensive expertise in conducting investments of varying scale and in different areas of interest.

We act globally, having our representatives involved in such countries as Poland, Croatia, Spain, Belgium, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, The United States, The UAE, Qatar, India and China. Our specialists operate with dozens of investment with the largest share put in global markets. It is a truly renowned project, held in highest esteem by many experts all over the world. It is attractive for new investors and entrepreneurs, because of its assurance of stability of the implemented investments.

All our investments create a great business potential thanks to high profitability and effective management of both technological and financial risk. Additionally, obtaining grants increases effectiveness of implemented projects. The experts of the Center can assist you on every stage of your business activity.

The main goal of the ISC is to provide help in the development of investment projects based on cooperation with a private investor, including a full evaluation and implementation of the project with regards to:

integrating public subsidies, private financial resources,
integrating loans and funding from the EU financial institutions,
matching the purposes of each side of the partnership to the characteristics of the given project,
achieving mutual compliance on the effective legal structures of the project,
comprehending the aspects of risk management and its financial impact on the project,
assessing the costs and the ability of effective implementation and management,  constituting key factors for the selection of the project structure,
creating transparent rules on how to choose partners from the private sector and methods of rational usage of the funding.

The support of the Investment Service Center starts at the very moment of planning a visit by the investor, which is aimed at conducting first discussion on potential cooperation. As a part of this cooperation, we provide Partners with extensive and professional help in terms of finalization and further supervision over specific investment projects. ISC’s world-renowned specialists perform all the necessary tasks to carry out particular phases of the investment process, up until the moment of setting up the business in accordance with the previously established objectives of the accepted project. Therefore, ISC’s Partner can be sure that, regardless of the stage of the investment process, the Investment Service Center will ensure that the project is conducted by professionals.

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