Business model

Within the framework of cooperation we can offer implementation of investments in the abovementioned areas, and in one of the two models that differ from each other especially in terms of the stage on which the invested capital is controlled. Additionally, there are different legal procedures regarding commitment of resources in specific investment projects. The first of the offered models consists in forming Closed-end Investment Funds, which will use the obtained financial resources for the purchase of interest or shares of the special purpose vehicles, thus transferring the capital for financing of the selected investment projects to them.The proposed model involves transfer of a substantial amount of financial resources to the Closed-end Investment Fund, whichsubsequently uses the capital to finance several projects from a given industry sector. Analysis and the decision-making process are performed at the level of the investment fund and can be independent from the capital sources. This solution does not require constant involvement of the individual in the decision making process, but on the contrary assumes giving full trust to specialists, managing the Fund, as well as to members of the Board Experts.

The second proposed model is based on direct investment into entities, which basic objective lies in the implementation of a thoroughly analysed and accepted investment projects. It is possible through purchase of securities like: stocks, shares or bonds, which according to the Polish legal system do not require the collection of percentage from the invested capital. Thus, they also meet the criteria set by the Sharia Law.In this model, any and all decisions concerning the choice of investment projects are made before the capital is transferred to the special purpose vehicles. Within the frames of the described solution, it is possible to directly participate in the process of analysis of the offered business concepts and make decisions about the possible commitment of funds in the selected projects. However, it requires a more active role within the investment process but, at the same time, it gives much better control over commitment of the capital. The aforementioned investment models reflect the most common approaches to the investment issue in the best possible way. The offered solutions give the possibility to both participate in all investment decisions, and also transfer the referring competences to the team of experts, who shall select business concepts while taking into account the best interests of all parties.

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